How it works

Sell more drinks.
Make more money.

PourThat lets customers send in drink orders directly from their phone

Maximize guest experience
while making your staff more efficient

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What is PourThat?

PourThat is an all-in-one app for drink ordering and payment processing. Customers download PourThat and use it to send drink orders from your menu straight into your point of sale.

Payments can be handled digitally through the app.

Your customers get the drinks they love, and your staff spends more time caring for your guests

(By the way, this is how your guests prefer to order and pay for drinks.)

How PourThat works for your bar:

Your customer orders a drink

PourThat learns the customer's preferences, suggests the drinks from your menu that match their taste and sends the order to the bar

Order goes to the bar

The order is communicated clearly to your bartenders using your existing process

The Drink is delivered to your customer

Since PourThat handles ordering, your staff spends their time ensuring your customer quickly receives their drink

Your customer pays the check

When the customer is ready, they can retrieve their balance on their phone, pay, and apply the tip...all this while your staff is taking care of other customers

Why is PourThat ideal for my bar?

PourThat is the mobile ordering and payments solution your customers want

Sell during occasional service delays

Guests can order when their server is busy caring for other customers. This is the perfect compliment to your existing processes

Improved customer experience

Your bar is great, waiting for drinks is not. Free up your staff to create memorable experiences and the perfect drinks

Increase revenue

You will sell more drinks and turn your tables faster, maximizing revenue in your bar

Increase repeat customers

Customers who spend time enjoying your bar instead of waiting for a drink will come back

Reduce costs

Your bartender receives clear drink orders which reduces costly voids, remakes, and wasted drinks

Access to data and analysis

Use PourThat data to refine your drink menu, tune inventory, and optimize staffing

Maximize staff efficiency

PourThat allows guests to alternate between ordering from their phones and ordering from your staff. It is the perfect compliment to your existing processes.

Reach new customers

PourThat users in your area will discover your bar and your specialty drinks

Serve more drinks with fewer employees

Free your staff to maximize their time caring for customers and serving drinks

With PourThat, orders are sent directly into your point of sale, and your customers pay from their phones when they are ready

Leverage your customers’ drink preferences to showcase your menu and serve them the perfect drink

PourThat compliments your existing process and is always at your guests’ fingertips

How much does it cost?

Guests are charged a small service fee when PourThat is used. No additional charges to you.

No sign-up fee, maintenance or minimums, and no cancellation fees.

(In fact, you’ll probably save money.)

What about analytics?

  • Get valuable insights into your customer base so you can leverage your marketing efforts
  • What percentage of my customer are repeat visitors this quarter?
  • Did my last promotion generate any life in my targeted customer segment?
  • What is my most valuable market segment?

Still have questions? Here's what you can expect:

PourThat reduces (or eliminates) occasional service delay with order, pickup, and payment interactions

Other benefits:

  • Quick and easy setup
  • Uses your existing merchant service account
  • Valuable insights into what your customers are ordering, even when they’re not at your bar
  • Attract new customers
  • Increase revenue and profit while lowering your cost of doing business
  • Provide your customers up-to-date access to your changing drink menu
  • Articulated drink order details for your bartenders